Sabtu, 20 November 2010


Berikut adalah Tabel Sirkulasi Mata Uang Dunia per Juni 2010.

Dari Tabel dapat terlihat bahwa Mata Uang Euro, Japanese Yen, US Dollar, & China Yuan masih mendominasi Sirkulasi Mata Uang Dunia.

Disusul oleh Indian Rupee, Russian Rubel, Great British Poundsterling, Brazillian Real, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Mexican Peso, Australian Dollar, Polish Zloty, Korean Won, Taiwan Dollar, Thai Baht, Algerian Dinar, Hong Kong Dollar, Turkish Lira, Saudi Arabian Riyal, Others termasuk Indonesian Rupiah.

Total Sirkulasi adalah US$ 4.7 Trillion atau jika memakai kurs $1= IDR 10.000 menjadi 47 Bilyun Rupiah atau 47.000 Trilyun Rupiah.

Berikut keterangan Kode Mata Uang ;

EUR = Euro
JPY = Japanese Yen
USD = US Dollar
CNY = China Yuan
INR = Indian Rupee
RUB = Russian Rubel
GBP = Great British Poundsterling
BRL = Brazillian Real
CAD = Canadian Dollar
CHF = Swiss Franc
MXN = Mexican Peso
AUD = Australian Dollar
PLN = Polish Zloty
KRW = Korean Won
TWD = Taiwan Dollar
THB = Thai Baht
DZD = Algerian Dinar
HKD = Hong Kong Dollar
TRY = Turkish Lira
SAR = Saudi Arabian Riyal
OTHERS = 115 Currencies including IDR = Indonesian Rupiah

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